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Why I Make Soap

Updated: May 15

About Me:


About eight years ago I was using some harsh chemicals on one of my craft projects and ended up in the hospital with anaphylaxis. For those who are not sure what anaphylaxis is; it is a severe allergic reaction to anything you may be sensitive to. It can be deadly. Since that episode I have suffered with chronic skin rashes, itching and eczema. It is easy to become intolerant of foods and skin products that never used to bother me.

That is why I have developed soap and body products that control my itching and rashes. I researched the chemicals in soap I bought at the store and was amazed at the preservatives and additives companies use to keep soap on shelves longer. I don't want or need unhealthy, and sometimes cancer promoting  products on my skin. So I make my own and now I'm going to share them with you!

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